Episode #2: Honduras with Luke Karner: Living through a Military Coup and other Adventures

Just weeks after graduating from Knox College in June of 2009, Luke Karner embarked on one of the biggest adventures of his life: doing the Peace Corps in Honduras.

Except…the day Luke was about to leave, the exact DAY, there was a change of power in Honduras (aka military Coup) and Luke had to go to another country.  Oh well, you know what they say about the Peace Corps: Flexibility is key!  Hear all about it in this episode of the Recovering Expat Podcast.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What happens when a military coups takes in your country of Peace Corps service the day before you leave
  • Luke’s ONE key to learning languages, above all else
  • What kind of projects Luke did
  • Luke’s crazy Snake Story
  • Some commentary on the process of reverse culture shock
  •  Why the NSA shouldn’t listen to this Podcast (that’s just a little inside joke;))

Honduras has a development index of 0.632, 4th lowest in the Americas.

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

What is your best travel story?  If you could go one place in the world for an extended period of time, where would it be?  What questions would YOU ask someone from Cape Verde, or someone who lived there for a an extended period of time?

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